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Dyna-Purge ©


Dyna-Purge©is the leading supplier of non-chemical, non-abrasive purging compound formulated for safe and effective cleaning. It is the leading high-performance purging compound and a clear choice over in-house plastic resins, regrinds or other commercial products. Dyna-Purge© is produced in the USA by Shuman Plastics Inc, who have been and still are market leaders for over 30 years.


CJP Sales Ltd


CJP Sales Ltd is the stocking Technical Distributor for Dyna-Purge© covering the UK and Ireland. CJP Sales Ltd have been involved with processing Polymers since 1985 giving many years experience and understanding of the hot plastic melt industry including Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Film and compounding.



Why would you use a Purging Compound?

What causes contamination?

Types of Purging Compounds?

How and when to Purge

Counting the cost of Purging

Purging with Resin (Polypropylene)

Dynapurge F Colour Change


Technical Purging Solutions


CJP offer full technical support and purging solutions. As a material supplier we have a wide knowledge of processing techniques. We offer our services without charge; we can visit your workshops and assess you're purging procedures, while providing FOC samples of Dyna-Purge for evaluation.



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